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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy comes with respect for our users’ right to privacy that guide the way we relate with them, with information on, the way we process our user’s personal data, how we manage and use the information we collect from them and their rights to edit/delete the information they provided to us.


As our registered user, for whatever reason, you can ask us to edit or delete your saved data on our platform anytime, for such purpose you can reach us here > ([email protected]). Users can also manage their profile and edit their personal data details via the user profile page ( If you wish to change your newsletter subscription preferences, and view options for staying updated with our daily and weekly stories, here is the place: ( we collect the following data for some selected services as information about how people visit and interact with our site in the form of anonymous traffic analytics. Users must register for free to:

  • To submit articles via publish your work section
  • To report a case
  • To comment on our articles
  • To receive our newsletters
    To use our online shop section
  • To participate in our competition
    To promote a competition on our platform
    To join offline events curated by us or our partners
  • For newsletter subscribers, we only save e-mail addresses, and for other listed required special services above, we save full names, country of residence, email addresses and passwords. This information is required to enable us in providing for our users the service they registered for, with the best possible experience.  


First of all, we don’t share our user’s personally-identifiable information with anyone.

As our user, when you register to publish your work, report a case or to comment on our published articles etc. we publish only the chosen signature at the bottom of the article, or in the comment, no other data is made public. But when you register for the purpose of using our building materials online shop section as sellers, buyer etc. on our site, full names, country of residence and email addresses are made public for the purpose of facilitating the service you registered for.

When you register to participate or partner with us in co-branded events like design competitions, or our offline co-branded events, we could share your full name, country of residence and email address with co-organizers for the purpose of providing the service you registered for effectively. For submissions like letters to the editor, requests for support or information may be made public or forwarded as needed in order to ascertain the right response to specific requests.


Retaining information and data as long as necessary for the purpose of providing our users the services they registered for effectively are very important to us. Because we foresee the possibility our users applying for the same services multiple times in the future. (Like publishing multiple articles and reporting a case times to times via the reader’s submissions and report a case sections)



There could be different between our site and other sites in terms of privacy policy and data processing procedures, so users are advised to always check each site’s service privacy policy and processing procedures before linking them to our site, as we are not responsible for the contents/links of other sites linked from/to our site.


On our site some services requires password and users information, we therefore advise users to carefully choose such services and secure it. In the best way possible, we protect our users’ personal information and secure it on our servers following the industry-standard of our operation region’s data and privacy protection practices by using the highest encryption and security systems both for storage and backup. Note that no method of transmission on electronic storage or the internet is 100% secure. Therefore, in any case, we are not in a position to absolutely guarantee the security of your information.  


Aesthetics Buildace Magazine Limited is a registered Nigerian company with (RC 1623988) and it’s under the Nigerian data protection authority.